EBSCO Interfaces User Guide - Personalization and the My EBSCOhost Folder Functions

Types of Personal Accounts

Personal Account - If you are an individual user interested in saving items related to searching (for example, search results, saved searches, etc.) select “Personal Account.” Once you sign in as a personalized user, any items that you collect are automatically saved to your folder for future use.

Charge Back Account - If you are a corporate user (for example, a law firm or an advertising agency) who needs to track EBSCOhost usage on a per client basis for billing purposes, select “Charge Back Account.” In addition to having all features available in a personal account, you can also set up clients, start a timer to track usage by client, and obtain a report of the time spent. Usage information can be printed and/or e-mailed.


The following links are designed to cover the personalization and My EBSCOhost folder functions available within the EBSCO interfaces.

Note: Not all interfaces support Charge Back accounts.

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Updated: December 2013

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