How can I create an EBSCOhost icon to my iPhone or Android device?

Adding an EBSCOhost Mobile icon to an iPhone or iPod home screen

You can add an icon to your iPhone or iPod that allows you to access EBSCOhost Mobile directly from your device's home screen.

To add an EBSCOhost Mobile icon on iOS:

  1. On your device, go to the EBSCOhost login screen at:

    Note: When logging in on your mobile device, EBSCOhost automatically recognizes you as a mobile device user and displays the mobile optimized version of the interface.

  2. Click the + button on your browser toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. On the resulting options menu, select Add to Home Screen.

  4. On the Add to Home screen, type in a name for your icon and click Add.

  5. The EBSCOhost Mobile icon appears on your home screen.

If you would like a direct URL to a specific EBSCOhost profile, please contact Tech Support at

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Adding an EBSCOhost icon on an Android device home screen

To create an EBSCOhost shortcut on Android:

  1. Navigate to on your Android device's web browser.

  2. Select Save to bookmarks from the web browser's menu.

  3. Click the Add to drop-down menu and select Home Screen.

  4. Click OK

    The shortcut is added to your device's home screen.

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