What is EBSCOhost Mobile?

EBSCOhost Mobile provides seamless access to the EBSCOhost (ehost) or EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) interfaces via mobile devices. Using mobile detection technology, services using the EBSCOhost platform, including EDS, recognizes whether or not users are connecting from a mobile device, and sends them to the appropriate version of the interface.

Users accessing from a Smartphone or other mobile web-enabled devices are presented with an easily searchable mobile interface incorporating key functionality.

Please note that iPad and some tablet users continue to be directed to the desktop version, as this version of the interface is fully functional on these devices. Toggle links to switch from Mobile to the desktop site may also be available.

Available Functionality/Features:

CategoryAvailable FeatureComments
SearchBasic Search 
Search Options 
Choose Databases 
Grouped Databases 
Spell Checker 
Auto Suggest 
Smart Text SearchingUsers are provided with a message displaying SmartText searching was used to complete the search.
Search Hints 
ResultsFacets, Limiters  
Current Search boxMobile uses an "Integrated Current Search", where applied facets are shown on the selection page.
Book Covers 
Pub Type Icons 
Brief ViewDefault for Mobile and ignores EBSCOadmin setting.
Standard View 
Sort by PreferenceRelevance and Database Default
Records per page 
Image Quick View (IQV) - On/OffOnly Standard View
HTML Full Text 
Link to PDF Full Text 
Custom Links 
Smart Links 
IQV Show More Images                        Users do not have the ability to hide images if they loaded them on a Result List or Detailed Record.
Persistent LinksCan use to visit as a link, but unable to create.
EDS/EHIS ProfilesGuest AccessGuest Access users do not have the ability to toggle from Mobile to Full Site. Result List format options are hidden.
Tier 2 Databases 
Authentication/DetectionForced Personalization 
Personal User Authentication 
Detect Mobile Devices 
Detect iPadsiPads are not detected as mobile because the EBSCOhost Full Site properly operates on this device.
MultilingualInterface Translation 
Right-to-Left Interface Translation 
BrandingSkinningColor scheme carries over.
LogoLoads a logo from admin and offer administrators the ability to add a special mobile logo.
FolderSession Folder 
Personalized Folder 
AccessibilityTab Highlighting 
Alt tags 
Tab order 

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EBSCOhost Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

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