Why is a new PDF opened each time I turn the page of an EBSCO eBook?

If you can only see the first page of an eBook open in Adobe Reader, or a new PDF is opened each time you turn an eBook page, this is probably due to a setting in Adobe Reader (or your PDF reader.) To correct this, you should change your setting to open PDFs within your web browser's window.

To change this setting in Adobe Reader:

  1. Launch Adobe Reader.

  2. Click the Edit menu in the top toolbar at the top of Adobe Reader.

  3. Select Preferences from the resulting drop-down list of options.

  4. Select Internet in the left-column of the resulting Preferences menu.

  5. Mark the check box for Display PDF in browser.

  6. Click OK.

eBooks now display in the eBook viewer without displaying individual PDFs for each page.

Note: If you are using Adobe Reader XI, please see the following page for information how to set up your browser to use Adobe products:



FireFox Users

FireFox users may need to adjust the browser settings to open PDFs within the browser.

To adjust the FireFox browser settings:

  1. Select Options from the Tools menu in FireFox.

  2. Select Applications in the resulting Options window.

  3. Click Portable Document Format in the Content Type column.

  4. Select Use Adobe Acrobat (in FireFox) in the drop-down menu to the right of Portable Document Format.

  5. Click OK.

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